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2014 Clearance and a new cart!

PATBUD SlideThere’s been a lot going on here this summer, and I am finally ready to start rolling out some new and improved needled cases!  Most of the changes are to the insides of the case, so you won’t notice a whole lot of difference at a quick glance, but I think once you start picking them up you will quickly feel the changes.  The biggest improvement is that I’ve added a layer of thin fleece batting to the inside of the case to provide a little more structure to the case and a bit of extra padding for the needles.  Lots of you have been asking for this, and while it does make a slightly bulkier case I think I have finally found a good batting that provides structure without too much bulk.  I’ve also done away with the ribbon closures, as they are less functional with the new, stiffer case interior.  You’ll also notice that I’m now using snaps on the pockets for the travel and interchangeable cases, which is nice as there are no snaggy bits for yarn or fibers to catch on.  I’ve also flattened out and simplified pricing, so even with the d-ring belts you will actually be paying less per case with these added extras than you would have been last year!

I’ll also be rolling out the new Pattern Buddy, both as a custom made item and as a ready to ship product as I am able to produce them.  These have been incredibly popular at shows this year and are a very useful little tool to have around.

This has been the summer of technical difficulties, but I think I have finally ironed out most of my shopping cart problems.  I’m starting to add in custom items and the new 2015 model products to the website as quickly as I can.  In the mean time, all of the 2014 model cases are on sale on Etsy!  Do check out the great deals there, it’s a great time to get gifts for friends, swaps, or yourself!  I’ll be adding the remaining 2014 stock to Etsy as quickly as I can.

BirdLogoI think the most exciting news of all is my new logo!  I’ve been having so much fun working on my own textiles I decided to use one of them (Bird On It, which was very popular at SVFF last week) as inspiration for a new logo design.  This one will be a lot more fun to put on buttons, stickers, and rearrange for different kinds of labels.  Expect to see a lot more of the Folly and Nonsense bird!