Size Charts

Dog Sweaters:

Please use the following standard size chart to select the appropriate sized sweater for your dog:

 Size  Length  Fits Neck  Fits Chest
 Extra Small  9″  8″-10″  10-13″
 Small  11″  9″-12″  14″-15″
 Medium  13″  10″-14″  16″-17″
 Large  17″  12″16″  18″-21″
 Extra Large  21″  16″-20″  22″-26″
 XXL  24″  20″-24″  27″-30″


Measuring your dog:

Dog sweater patterns can be easily customized using the following measurements:

  1. Neck circumference (you may wish to decrease the number of neck stitches for a closer fit for your dog.  If you do this, simply adjust the total stitch count to match with the pattern after the neck ribbing as been finished)
  2. Chest circumference (choose pattern sized based on chest measurement taken at the widest point, usually this will be just behind the front legs)
  3. Length from base of neck to tail (use this to determine finished length of sweater, check this against whatever hem treatment is used in the pattern)
  4. Chest length from base of neck to top of front leg, where sleeve will start
  5. Chest width from front underarm to underarm (use this to adjust the number of chest increases.  For very barrel chested dogs, you may wish to work a few short rows into the chest increase section to lengthen the area as well.  Use to 4 to double check that your adjusted chest section is long enough for your dog.  Work a few rows without increases if necessary.  If the chest section will be too long for your dog, you may cast on extra stitches under the arm.  Be sure to adjust the number of stitches picked up for the sleeves accordingly)
  6. Length from from neck to pubic area (used to determine belly length: for male dogs this will be shorter by several inches)